EAS build missing required pods for react-native-maps to work on iOS using google maps

We have a managed expo application running on expo sdk 43. We’ve built it multiple times and released versions of it to the App Store. Suddenly, in the past day or so, new builds that were built using eas build are failing to load, either on TestFlight or as a simulator build. Looking at the mobile console debug logs we noticed these errors:

react-native-maps: AirGoogleMaps dir must be added to your xCode project to support GoogleMaps on iOS.

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘this.map.setNativeProps’)

We then went on to look at the build logs on EAS servers through expo’s portal, and noticed a difference with pods installations process between previous builds. On previous eas build runs we found these lines, that are missing from newer expo build logs:

Installing Google-Maps-iOS-Utils (2.1.0)
Installing GoogleMaps (3.5.0)

It seems these required pods are not getting installed anymore, even if we run the build on previous code-base that used to work.

Any ideas?

add "expoCli": "4.13.0" to your build profile to use the most recent pre-5.0.0 version of expo-cli. we’ll investigate this to find the root cause

Hi, we actually identified the root cause to being the expo prebuild step on the eas build process. Starting from eas-cli version 5.0.0 and above, it creates a Podfile.lock that’s missing the two required pods. I have no idea why but that’s what causing all of the issues we described.

can you share your app.json, with any sensitive values redacted? also, can you share a link to your build page?

Hi, we are stucked with the same issue here. Any ideas/update are welcome

use expo-cli 4.13.0 in your build profile as described above. we’l release a fix for expo-cli@5 tomorrow

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Thank you. Pinning to 4.13.0 indeed helped as temporary mitigation.

Thanks for that topic. It saves my day, maybe not yesterday evening because I was getting crazy if I made something wrong :smiley: