EAS Build (Local, Standalone and Archive) failing to find shipped database with expo-sqlite

TL;DR: EAS Build failing to find database after successful build but Expo Build works fine · Issue #1008 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

I have an application that use expo-sqlite and uses a shipped database. I’ve never had issues before (config seems fine) using the Expo CLI Build tool but after trying EAS Build i get an error message (seen in github issue above) where the database can not be found. I am following the Expo docs nearly exactly (I use a wrapper around expo-sqlite) but EAS Build is just not bundling my database for some reason, its looking for it on my machine instead of the standalone app itself.

Anyone have any insight? I am getting nervous that this wont be resolved before Expo CLI is fully deprecated.

Hey @staghouse, we’re going to focus our support efforts on your github issue rather than this forum topic.