EAS Build --local is failing, remote is fine

I am on a managed workflow, EAS-CLI 0.52.

I am able to generate and submit staging and production builds (I have 2 EAS profiles) just fine, all credentials managed remotely by Expo. I am also using OneSignal with the latest config plugin. When I try to generate a local one through EAS I get this error though (Fastlane step):

Command: eas build -p ios --profile development --local

:x: error: Signing certificate is invalid. Signing certificate “Apple Distribution: XXX, Inc. (YYY)”, serial number “ZZZ”, is not valid for code signing. It may have been revoked or expired. (in target ‘OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension’ from project ‘DemoDev’)

Any thoughts? Like I said, all EAS remote builds work fine (development, staging, production profiles).

Additional question: regarding EAS Local Builds, do they count for billing (I mean, EAS Production has a limit of 300 builds / mo, does it count for local EAS builds)?