EAS build local fails on ios without simulator

When I try to build locally the ios app without set simulator: true in eas.json, the archive failed with an unknown error (exit status 65).

Everything works fine while I build with simulator: true or when I build in EAS platform.

Here is the detailled config :

  • Node version : v16.19.0
  • EAS version : eas-cli/3.8.1 darwin-arm64 node-v16.19.0
  • Expo version : 48.0.10
  • Xcode version : 14.2 (14C18)

Complete build log : expo_build.txt - Google Drive

get the same error. do you find a solution ?

Yep I had some issues with a crt. To debug it, I ran build with this environment variables EAS_LOCAL_BUILD_SKIP_CLEANUP / EAS_LOCAL_BUILD_WORKINGDIR and than I opened the ios folder with xcode to get the errors messages

thx for your help:

so i get this error: Provisioning profile “XXXXXX” doesn’t include signing certificate

I am not sure how to fix it…