EAS build:list flags not working as intended


I’m trying to fetch the list of recent builds of a project by running eas build:list and I want to filter them by channel name, so according to the documentation (https://github.com/expo/eas-cli#eas-buildlist) I’m using the flag --channel=channelName but every time I use this flag, it returns the error:

Couldn't find any builds for the project

Even though I have those builds exist and they show up if I remove this flag. All other flags seem to work fine, but this one is not working.

eas-cli version: eas-cli/0.47.0

Thank you!

I apologize for the confusion. The channel parameter for eas build:list is meant for use with the new EAS Update channels, a feature that is currently in preview. We will look into how to make this more clear in the CLI.