eas build is failing in fast lane

I have an eas build issue:

I was able to use expo build fine, but fastlane is failing on:


  11 | {
  12 |   BOOL APP_DEBUG;
> 13 |   [EXAppDefines load:@{
     |    ^ use of undeclared identifier 'EXAppDefines'
  14 | #if DEBUG
  15 |     @"APP_DEBUG": @(YES),
  16 | #else
› Packaging @unimodules/core Pods/UMCore » libUMCore.a

my eas cli version is: eas-cli/0.47.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.14.0

trying to build for ios

hi there! you have @unimodules/core in your project, you should not unless you are on sdk 42. https://blog.expo.dev/whats-new-in-expo-modules-infrastructure-7a7cdda81ebc

how do i remove these?

find which package you have installed that is bringing in @unimodules/core and upgrade or remove that package. if you use yarn, you can run yarn why @unimodules/core to see where it’s coming from. if you use npm, check your package-lock.json

Try running expo doctor. There’s a good chance it will tell you which of your dependencies are out of date.

I was having an issue with react-native-reanimated and reducing the version was the fix. Now, for some reason I update the version and everything still works fine. Also was able to build both ios and android with eas build. Great News! Thanks guys.

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