EAS build is breaking AuthSession

After migrating to EAS build I’m seeing two issues with AuthSession.

  1. Whereas previously, AuthSession opened in a webview and then sent me back to the app, on EAS build it shows me two versions of the same app to deeplink back to. The top one doesn’t do anything and the bottom one actually attempts to log in.

  1. The actual authentication no longer works properly and the backend is running into some errors related to auth.

Note that everything works as expected when running expo start, but not in the build created by EAS build.

For context here are recordings of the behavior on EAS build and the (expected) behavior on Expo build

you probably have two instances of your app installed on the device - eg: maybe a dev client and your main app. you can use a different scheme for both if you want to avoid this

2 instances of the app were due to duplicate schemes in the manifest file. The duplicate schemes came from having the deprecated expo-app-auth lib and the expo-auth-session in the same codebase. Removing the deprecated expo-app-auth lib fixed the issue.

Similar issue noted here: [expo-auth-session] Two app options on android

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