Eas Build iOS Simulator runtime crash

I am using expo to develop an iOS app. The app runs great in expo development mode I followed the docs to build the eas iOS preview in the simulator. When the app opens splash screen shows then the first page loads for 3 seconds and the app crashes, just shows a white screen. Im not sure what the error is because I run the app locally and it works and the build passes. I thought it was the env variables when I call my api so to test I removed the env and put the actual strings in place but that didnt work. I tried running the command expo start --no-dev --minify to not run in development mode but it ran successfully and was smooth. Not sure what to do from here to find out why the app wont run.

Hey @chriscosentino, I’d recommend trying to look into the device logs. You can find guidance on how to debug production crashes in our docs here.

I found the logs and theres an error saying “could not locate default .GlobalPreferences.plist for iOS 14.5”. I havent made a apple developer account either could this be why? I am just trying to run my app build on the simulator.