EAS build IOS problem Provisioning profile

Hi, I’m using the following versions:

eas-cli/0.53.0 linux-x64 node-v14.19.3

expo-cli 5.4.7

Whenever I run the command eas build -p ios --profile production, I get a warning with the following message “Provisioning profile (id: null) does not exist in Apple Developer Portal”, so I’m asked if I want to generate a new one provisioning profile or not despite the provisioning profile already on the expo servers and apple developer portal. To be able to generate the IOS build and not impact the availability of updates on the apple store, I always inform the path of the provisioning profile on my machine, so the file goes up to the expo servers replacing what was already there. I noticed this behavior through the “Uploaded At” field of the provisioning profile section on the https://expo.dev/… website, which is always updated when I enter the provisioning profile in the build process.

I would like some guidance on how to solve this problem in IOS builds, so that I don’t have to inform the provisioning profile whenever I need to generate a new build.

NOTE: In android builds this problem does not happen. The pipeline happens all normally.