EAS Build IOS failing with 'AccessForbiddenError', 'Apple 403 error


I’m trying to run a build under a client’s license. I’m running eas build --platform iOS. After I enter my credentials and select the organization to build under, it returns a

"Network Timeout: 'AccessForbiddenError', 'Apple 403 detected - Access forbidden'. Retrying after 3 seconds" error and reattempts 2 more times before failing.

I was initially thinking it was an issue with a policy update but the client has since accepted it. We attempted upgrading my permission to full admin on their store temporarily and still cannot get it to go through. What makes this even more confusing is I’m able to get my app to build under my company’s iOS license just fine with the only thing changing being the bundle identifier. Can anyone help with this?

Workflow: Managed
eas-cli version: 0.43.0
expo version: 44.0.0

In my case the problem was because Apple asked to accept the new license agreement

After accepting it works normally for me
Hope this can help you


Thats what I was hoping it was but our client just accepted the agreement and I’m still getting the error unfortunately. Now I’m hoping that it just needs time for apple’s system to sync up but that was a few hours now so my hope for that is dwindling

in my case, i tried to do a new build about 30 minutes after accepting the terms and works for me

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After messing around with it a bit, I’ve discovered that I’m able to queue up builds again with the expo build:ios again but I’m still getting the 403 when I try to use eas build. I don’t know if this provides any clues as to what’s going on

After even more messing around, it seems like if I say I don’t have the account that will be submitting to the App Store it works. This leads me to believe the problem is occurring when it tries to validate the certificates

Another update: After my client elevated my developer account permissions from developer to app manager and it started working fine. Hopefully this helps someone

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