EAS Build iOS error

We are on the ejected worflow with expo 42 and eas cli 0.25 and getting this error for ios builds

Distribution Certificate is not validated for non-interactive builds.
Failed to setup credentials.
    CombinedError: [GraphQL] Unexpected server error.
    [GraphQL] Unexpected server error.

Exited with code exit status 1

When I try to run this locally and not off our CI i get this error:

 Error: eas.json is not valid [ValidationError: 
    "build" is not allowed. "submit" is not allowed]

Any help appreciated.



try the latest eas-cli (0.35.0)

Got things working on 0.34.1

Have noticed that still no support to specify the android package name in eas.json, not sure why this is not there. I have to manually run eas submit for android and enter the package name then. Is this likely to change??



package name is detected automatically when submitting. only reason to ask about that in cli is if it’s used to read remote credentials. If you are storing a service account key locally and need to provide a package name then this is a bug. Support for that value will be added, but it should only be necessary if you are using remote credentials to store service account key.

We have a service account json file locally and the cli still asks for package name (in eas-cli 0.25.0 we had no issues), but we have 3 different package names for different android product flavors (specified in app/build.gradle as applicationId), and all recent versions of eas-cli are unable to pick up the right package name automatically.