EAS build for new app through CI

Hello, we want to trigger new app builds (first time builds) through CI (as we manage a lot of apps on a daily basis and need to create new apps almost every week). But the issue we are facing is that it says Error: Generating a new Keystore is not supported in --non-interactive mode . We are using a managed workflow and do not want to have any interactivity. We understand that first time builds require keystore to be generated, but is there a way wherein we can pass a default “yes” flag to all eas prompts so that it handles everything on its own? We have tried using “echo y” and the “yes” command in linux but they all give the Error: Input is required, but stdin is not readable. . It’s critical that we don’t have any intervention as much as possible and the ideal solution would be to execute the command and get both the builds done for any new apps. Please let me know if anyone knows any solution to this problem. Any help is much appreciated.