EAS build for iOS fails with a different reason each time

I’m using a custom development client and the build process has been going smoothly for the last week, but today is failing with a different error each time. I moved to app.config.js for a while this morning to try get different dev and prod builds, but have reverted to app.json and still hitting errors every time, before it even builds.

Here’s the results from the last 4 runs (back to back with no config changes):

  • Failed to create Apple distribution certificate
    Failed to setup credentials.
  • Failed to register bundle identifier
    Error: Received an internal server error from App Store Connect / Developer Portal, please try again later
  • Failed to handle Apple profiles
    Failed to setup credentials.
  • Failed to fetch Apple distribution certificates
    Failed to setup credentials.

What’s going on?

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It’s hard to say without digging into this further, which account was this done with? Does the apple account you are signing in to have sufficient permissions to perform these actions?

I’m using an Apple developer account (not organisational) so I’d assume that I have all the permissions? I’m new to native dev (only React web before) so not sure, might be something obvious that I’m missing.
In Expo I’m building this under an organisation if that helps.

This was working fine before, which makes it more confusing to me as reverting to the old app.json doesn’t fix it.

Happy to provide any information that would be useful for tracking this down!

can you run EXPO_APP_STORE_DEBUG=1 eas build or EXPO_APP_STORE_DEBUG=1 expo build:ios (depending on what build service you’re using) and share the output please?

Sure, here it is:

502 error implies to me that it’s on Apple’s end? Not sure though, could definitely be something else too.

⠋ Syncing capabilitiesPOST https://developer.apple.com/services-account/v1/bundleIds/<REDACTED>/bundleIdCapabilities
⠹ Syncing capabilitiesError: Request failed with status code 502 (POST https://developer.apple.com/services-account/v1/bundleIds/<REDACTED>/bundleIdCapabilities)
✖ Failed to sync capabilities <REDACTED bundle ID>
    Error: Received an internal server error from App Store Connect / Developer Portal, please try again later

Honestly not sure what’s sensitive so happy to not give redacted info if it’s fine to do so

Same here, but with the old way to build! Any ideas to fix out?

Same here too.!!

Same here for the last ~24hrs using expo build:ios

apple’s servers are not working as expected, it appears that they deployed a regression or breaking change on friday. we’ll investigate further tomorrow.

until then, run expo build:ios --skip-credentials-check or eas build -p ios --non-interactive to skip interaction with apple if you have already built your app before and have credentials on expo servers


I’m still seeing the error “Failed to setup credentials” when trying to fetch the provisioning profiles. It’s becoming a major issue for us as we can’t run iOS builds. Unfortunately we don’t have the option of skipping the credentials check or using non-interactive.

Is this definitely an issue with Apple’s servers? It does appear to be, but it’s been on the blink for a couple of days now…

this is an issue with Apple servers. see Expo Status - High rate of Developer Portal request failures for information and workaround. also, the solution is marked above with “Solution”


yes we are sure it is with apple’s servers. please see my comment for workaround and the status page for updates Expo Status - High rate of Developer Portal request failures

Looks like this is fixed for me, anyone else still seeing it?
Just mentioning because it’s still up at https://status.expo.dev/

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closed it :+1:

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