Eas build for ios fails at fastlane step - no main.jsbundle:

I can succesfully build my app (Bare workflow, expo 40) with both xcode builds and npx react-native run-ios --configuration Release, but I’m still getting this error on the “Run Fastlane” step of eas build

:x: error: /Users/expo/workingdir/build/ios/main.jsbundle: No such file or directory (in target ‘redditalerts’ from project ‘redditalerts’)

My XCode shows that this file exists in my project. I also ran this script beforehand, "bundle:ios": "react-native bundle --entry-file index.js --platform ios --dev false --bundle-output ios/main.jsbundle --assets-dest ios"

Unfortunately, it’s prevented me from deploying for months (as a subscriber). I’ve sought help a few times, here last- eas build --platform ios error - #28 by notbrent

Hey @pakaplace, sorry that you’ve had troubles building with EAS thus far. Certainly not the experience we aim and expect to provide. I’m raising this issue internally and someone from the team will circle back here.


hey- does expo run:ios result in the same error?

It looks like your most recent build succeeded, I’m be curious to know what the root cause of this was?

please share a link to your build page. there is probably an error in the full xcode logs.

Sorry all, I lost track of this thread.

I now run this command before eas build- "bundle:ios": "react-native bundle --entry-file index.js --platform ios --dev false --bundle-output ios/main.jsbundle --assets-dest ios"