EAS Build fails with unknown error

-Expo SDK 43

  • Bare workflow
  • eas-cli@0.46.0
    EAS build keeps failing for unknown reasons on both Android and IOS. Since the last build I made which was a week ago I have not made any changes to the native modules/files and have not installed new packages and today it keeps failing on installing dependencies with the same errors.

we updated the default node version from 14 to 16 today, so if you did not specify an explicit node version before then it would be updated in your project. this may be the cause of the issue for you. you can set the node version to “14.18.1” in your build profile to use the previously default version. Configuring EAS Build with eas.json - Expo Documentation

Yes thank you, this fixed it, but unfortunately now I’m stuck with another error in Fastlane

❌  (ios/Pods/Headers/Private/RCT-Folly/folly/synchronization/DistributedMutex-inl.h:1051:5)

  1049 | void wakeTimedWaiters(Atomic* state, bool timedWaiters) {
  1050 |   if (UNLIKELY(timedWaiters)) {
> 1051 |     atomic_notify_one(state);
       |     ^ 'atomic_notify_one<unsigned long>' is unavailable
  1052 |   }
  1053 | }
  1054 | 


CompileSwiftSources normal arm64 com.apple.xcode.tools.swift.compiler (in target 'Stripe' from project 'Pods')

I’ve gone through almost all of the solutions suggested by other users, but couldn’t find a fix. Any suggestions ?

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make sure you’re using a supported version of the library. expo install @stripe/stripe-react-native

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