eas build fails with "package.json does not exist"

Hi, I’m new to eas and can’t get it to work.

Command ‘expo build:android -t app-bundle’ works fine and I can see the app build successfully on Expo’s servers. However command ‘eas build --platform android’ fails with error “The expected package.json path: /root/workingdir/build/package.json does not exist”. In both cases I’m running the command from my app’s root directory (which contains file package.json).

Note: I’m unable to debug by running ‘eas build’ locally because I’m running on a windows machine (so not supported). How do I debug / fix?

Hi @moconnor

My guess is that package.json is not committed to Git, or you have package.json in your .gitignore file (or less likely you have package.json in a .easignore file.)

You’re exactly right (about my .gitignore file - which is a bit embarassing :slight_smile:), now fixed thanks!

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