EAS build failed when using expo-screen-capture

When building a expo project using EAS build if we have expo-screen-capture in our dependencies the build fails with the following error:

e: /build/workingdir/build/front/patient_engagement_app/node_modules/expo-screen-capture/android/src/main/kotlin/expo/modules/screencapture/ScreenShotEventEmitter.kt: (37, 7): 'onChange' overrides nothing

If expo-screen-capture dependency is removed the project builds fine.

¿Anyone has sucesfully done a EAS build in Android with expo-screen-capture?


What version of expo-screen-capture?

I thought it was the latest version (the one set by expo upgrade), but checking to confirm it I have seen that it is not.

I updated it to the last versión and the build succeeds.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


No worries, thanks for following up here :slight_smile:

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