EAS build fail on install dependacies

Hey guys,

I had a successful build this morning, but I forgot/didnt know that IOS would reject my app if it had the same build number then a previous build. So I add the autoIncrement option which work fine.

But since this successful this morning, all my build fail.

I did try to delete my node_modules and run yarn install locally, which works fine. I did build my app via xcode and run fine in the emulator.

I’m kind of lost now, also I tought that EAS was using yarn to install dependencies, am I wrong ?

eas-cli 0.46.0

Hey @rumandcode, are you using caching with EAS? Also, yarn will be used as long as there is a yarn.lock file present in the project.

we updated workers from node 14 to node 16 and that includes npm update, you can downgrade it by specifying a node version in eas.json