EAS Build Error

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms(Androidl):

When I run eas build --platform android --profile preview and install the apk, the app crashes immediately after installation. However, when i use expo build:android the app is working fine.

my eas.json is as follows


“cli”: {

"version": ">= 0.47.0"


“build”: {

"development": {

  "developmentClient": true,

  "distribution": "internal"


"preview": {

  "distribution": "internal",

  "android": {

    "buildType": "apk"



"production": {}


“submit”: {

"production": {}



Do help me out

Hi @dateideas

Do you get any error messages? e.g. in the device logs (adb logcat)

Do you have an android directory in your app?

Is it your intention to use the managed or bare workflow for developing your app?

Hi thanks for the reply. Im using an expo managed project hence i do not have an android folder

Please check your device logs for errors

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