EAS Build error (IOS)

I’m having a similar issue as @pakaplace. I’ve tried everything mentioned above. Although I’m able to build with Xcode, I’m getting a similar response:
error: /Users/expo/workingdir/build/stitch-app/ios/main.jsbundle: No such file or directory (in target 'stitchapp' from project 'stitchapp')

I’ve included the bundle:ios and deploy:ios scripts mentioned above, and this still results in an EAS build error. eas build:configure is also working fine. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

are you using a monorepo? do you have a custom "main" entry point? create index.js like this and use it instead if so: expo/index.js at 733fe83348e021641e7020edaa659c7ebfeddbe5 · expo/expo · GitHub

Yes I have a monorepo. My index.js is configured the way you linked, except I didn’t import react-native-gesture-handler. After importing this and rerunning the build, I encounter the same error I’ve been having.

that import isn’t strictly necessary and wouldn’t fix this issue, the main concern was to have index.js

have you tried running your project locally with expo run:ios to try to debug further? can you link to your build page on eas build?