EAS Build Error for TankerApp on IOS

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing an issue with the production build of my React Native Expo project and seeking assistance to resolve it. The build process concludes successfully for staging but encounters an error when attempting a production build. Below are the details of the error message received:

Configuring Xcode project
Assigning provisioning profile ‘[expo] com.tanker AppStore 2023-08-24T15:47:13.898Z’ (Apple Team ID: T8P58H2G2J) to target ‘TankerApp’
Could not find target ‘TankerApp’ in project.pbxproj

It appears that the ‘TankerApp’ target cannot be found in the project.pbxproj, but I don’t have a pbxproj file and am uncertain on how to address this issue.

Details of the Issue:

Application Name: TankerApp
Expo SDK Version: 49.0.13
React Native Version: 0.72.5
React Version: 18.2.0

I would be extremely grateful for any insights, guidance, or assistance provided by the community or the Expo team to help address this issue. If more information is needed, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your support!

hi there! check out this guide:

there are some tips at the bottom of the page about how to formulate your follow up question if you still end up stuck!