EAS build cleared the local storage data


eas-cli version

Expo SDK

What happened
We were using expo:build to build our project but on our last release, IOS app was not accepted by the app store due to which we migrated to eas build. We tested the normal workflow and the app was submitted for release. But when the clients updated the app, their local data (Asyncstorage) was cleared and they were logged out of the app. Since we usually never log them out (didn’t use to happen with expo:build), most of our clients forgot their passwords and they were unable to log back in for a time being which massively affected our business.


  • We also upgraded expo from 42.0.0. to 42.0.3
  • Removed lots of unused packages

Is this the expected side effect of the migration?
Will this happen in the next (with eas build) release as well?
Has anyone else faced this issue as well?

hi there,

what version of async storage does your app use? as of 1.15.0, released april 2021, this diff handles migrating data on ios and this diff handles migrating data on android. the migration happens automatically; losing your async storage data is not an expected behavior.


Is there any chance you changed something like the Bundle ID or other similar metadata? That might affect things.

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I use @react-native-async-storage/async-storage@~1.17.3 and I got same issue.
I’m not change Bundle ID.
What metadata affect?

I am still using the AsyncStorage bundled into react-native:0.63.2. I haven’t changed the bundle ID, the only thing I changed in the config file is the version number and build number.

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