[EAS Build] Build cannot install module dependencies hosted behind a VPN, possible solutions?

Hi, we’ve recently moved our GitLab instance behind a VPN. This is where we host our internal NPM modules, using GitLab’s package repository. Now of course EAS Build is unable to install these module dependencies, since it doesn’t have access to the VPN.

The quickest solution for this would be to add EAS Build Service IPs to our VPN allowlist, but I’m not sure there are static IPs available to the public. Does anyone know if this is possible?

We’d like to avoid moving our NPM modules to a non-VPN registry, but it may be the only thing to do.

Workflow: Managed
EAS CLI Version: 0.44.1

Thanks for any advice!

I’m not sure if public ip range(most likely not) for eas is static, but even if they are you would need to add the entire range to that allowlist which would allow access for any eas build not only yours, so I don’t recommend that.

You can connect to VPN from worker, both on android and ios builds you have root access to the os. You can pass VPN credentials via EAS secrets and connect to VPN with script defined as npm hook

Thanks for the tip! Very useful you get full OS permissions.