EAS Build app size

I run eas build p android (play store build) on fresh expo sdk 46 project. The app’s size after the build is 31.79 mb, is it normal?!

because it is an android app bundle and includes code for various architectures. About Android App Bundles  |  Android Developers

this is split into apks on google play store. you can look in google play to see the actual apk size (varies slightly depending on device). View your app’s download and install sizes - Play Console Help

or you can do something like this: android - Get APK / AAB install size - Stack Overflow

tl;dr. that isn’t the actual size of the apk for your app, and you shouldn’t pay much attention to the aab size.

Thank you Brents for the reply. I made apk build also and it is 32mb. As you said the size will depend to the device after downloaded from the store

that is a universal apk, it also includes every architecture. i suggest reading the links i shared above! basically just submit the aab to google play and look in the console or on the listing from your device to see the size