EAS build Android apk package can not be install on Android 12

  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platforms: Android

Hello all,

I have a problem with the build for Android. My phone just updated to Android 12 and now when I tried to install apk file from EAS build for Android, I got the error message “There was a problem parsing the package”. The other Android devices (<12) installed that same downloaded apk file successfully. So is that because Google move away from APK since Android 12?


Hi @blempay

I’m not sure what’s causing that problem. Does it work if you upgrade to SDK 44?

Do you get any useful info by running adb logcat -d while the phone is plugged in via USB cable (with USB debugging enabled)?

Hi @wodin,

I’m using SKD 43 right now, will update to 44 soon.

The device belongs to one of our testers and we work remotely so I can not do any debug on his phone (also his personal phone). That happened since only the phone was upgraded to Android 12.

Perhaps you could install Android Studio and create an Android 12 emulator to test on?

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