EAS Android build failing with lower min SDK version than dependency

We are trying to create a build using EAS that contains a new third-party library. The build is passing for iOS, but failing on Android because uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 21 cannot be smaller than version 27 declared in library [:our-new-library]. I have been unable to find ways to update the min SDK version of our app. I tried using the expo-build-properties library, but to no avail. Is there some way to update the minSdkVersion from 21 to 27?

what expo sdk version are you using?

SDK version is 42.0.0

you should update to sdk 45. expo-build-properties support was added in that version.

I will explore that, but is there any immediate fix that would apply to SDK 42?

you can write your own config plugin to do it but it would probably take more time than it would to update to sdk 45 and use expo-build-properties