Dynamic links with managed workflow

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 43
  2. Platform: Android/IOS


Does anyone have successful setup of installation source tracking with expo-firebase-analytics.

What I’ve done

  • Installed expo-firebase-analytics
  • Setup firebase project, put references to “google-services” files to app.json
  • Setup team id, app id for iOS, sha-256 for android in firebase app configuration
  • Setup DynamicLinks for domain provided by Firebase, so I think that this step should be ok
  • Created DynamicLinks with campaign properties like utm_media=test
  • I didnt made any app code modifications.

What I have

  • DynamicLinks works - I’m getting to app install/app start depending on installation status

What’s wrong

  • I can’t see events dynamic_link_* events in Fireabase Analytics, and first_open event doesn’t have any parameters (utm_media, etc) related to campaign that I’ve specified DynamicLink
  • Dynamic links opening count in firebase console = 0, but I’ve opened link several times.

What I’ve missed?
Or maybe I should setup react-native firebase and installation source tracking with expo-firebase analytics (with eas config plugin)? Or should I surrender and setup AppsFlyer :wink:

Thanks for any answers.

Updated: now I can see links counter, there is 24h delay.

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