DropboxChooser - to eject or not?

I’ve been looking at https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/react-native/native-modules-setup/ and trying to decide whether or not I need to eject in order to make use of the Dropbox Chooser SDK - it seems like a native module could be written and expose the Chooser UI such that I wouldn’t need to eject, but I am not familiar enough to make a good decision about whether this is possible and can’t find anyone else who’s gone down this road in a few years.

I cannot tell if the things outlined in the DropboxChooser instructions (like Chooser - Developers - Dropbox) are the kinds of things that could be accomplished without having to eject.

I’m fine ejecting and dealing with the consequences but I’d love not to and even considered just using the JS version of the chooser in a webview, but that’s lame, so…

Any advice from someone more familiar with the ecosystem?

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