Downloading a file from webview results in wrong file name

  1. SDK Version: 40 and 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): android

Hey guys I made a simple app with react-native-webview to open a website but when I select a file to download (which is a pdf) download starts but the file name is “file.bin” no matter what I download. but the contents are correct. Any one knows why?
Also uploads can’t be performed and result in uploading a corrupted file.

Hey @smahdink, I was going to suggest you open an issue on the react-native-webview repo but it looks like you already did. In order to increase your chances of getting helped and getting the issue resolved, I would recommend providing a minimal repro case there and all the relevant information you can (such as the platform, OS versions, etc.)


Yeah I did that. Thank you for answering. I’ll update the issue.

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