downgrade expo client on mobile

Hi, so I have a project which is in version 36 (I have not put time to upgrade to the latest/40 yet).

When I try to load it on iOS device, I get this message:

“The experience you requested uses Expo SDK V36.0.0, but this copy of Expo Client required at least V37.0.0. The author should update their experience to a newer Expo SDK version”.

Is there any way to downgrade my Expo Client on my iOS device to a lower version? I see that I can download the file from the following link, but I’m not sure if it is possible to actually install it on the device?

Any suggestion to get around the problem (without the burden of upgrading the experience itself; since I have not done that before plus that involved ejecting to “bare” so I don’t feel confident to do it now)?

Many thanks!

it’s not possible to downgrade the expo client app on a device (apple does not let you distribute multiple versions of an app at the same time on the app store), but you can install it on your simulator by running expo client:install:ios in your project directory


Fantastic! Thank you so much for a prompt solution. You’re awesome!