Does OTA know to stop updates in detached app if I use non-expo projects?

I tried to find on the forums but It seems to not be here so I want to clarify this:

  • For example users are having a detached app SDK 29, the dev team add one new non-expo project (but still use expo sdk 29) and then run expo publish, will the users that having the detached app but doesn’t yet have the native code of newly added non-expo projects not receive the OTA update? Since if they receive it and the app updates newly downloaded JS bundle, those newly added non-expo projects will not be available and probably crash the app?

Hey @bankify_expo_admin,

I’m not entirely sure I follow what you are conveying here. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “non-expo project”? Also, this may preemptively help you out regarding Release Channels that could help you silo JS bundles to specific builds and it has a flow chart to understand how publishes work:



Hi @adamjnav sorry, I meant non-expo libraries, like react-native-firebase for example

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