Does Google Sign in require Firebase?

I can’t really see why it would, but the documentation for Google Sign in is written in such a way that makes it appear as though Firebase is a part of Google Sign in. It just casually mentions “open up the Firebase Console”.

Obviously, outside of React Native, you can use Google sign in easily enough. I can’t see why this would require Firebase in React Native.

For anyone getting here in the future, you don’t need Firebase, it’s just that there are 2 completely different APIs in Expo for handling Google login. Here’s the one I used without Firebase:

oh you change to other API.
appAuth have bug in bare workflow from a year ago which is not fix until now.

I did change, but I later found out that it’s different between the Expo Client and running on a live phone. Will post the solution later, but man has this been one annoying library. At this point, it would have been faster if I had gone about building my own login solution

what was it??? It all works in expo client but NOT in standalone and it’s driving me crazy. I get a “dismiss” result.

What do you mean exactly? Sorry you’re having trouble, I totally understand. Maybe I can help if you share more.

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