Does Expo support any MMP's like Kochava?

Hey folks,

I have been stuck on a problem for 3 days now and I am hoping someone on here can help. It may be a simple fix…

So I have completed development of my Expo app and it is now live on the app store. I am now trying to monetize it on TikTok. TikTok requires me to have a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) integrated with my app before I can start advertising my app on there. The MMP allows TikTok to track if the person who viewed the ad downloaded the app or not. I decided to go with the MMP named Kochava.

I am facing issues installing the Kochava SDK in my Expo project. Kochava didnt mention support for Expo specifically, only react native.The Kochava docs specify that I need to run the following command in my project:

npm install react-native-kochava-tracker --save
cd ios && pod install && cd …

I did not run the pod install command because I am using Expo managed. Do I need to eject to install this?

When I start my app I get this error:
“KVA/Tracker: ERROR: Attempting to start the SDK on an unsupported platform.”

I did try to eject from the managed workflow so I could run the pods install command, but I am getting this error when running “npx expo prebuild” to eject:
“[!] Invalid RNGestureHandler.podspec file: undefined method `exists?’ for File:Class.”

I am completely stuck, any help would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any other MMPs that work with Expo please let me know. I dont need to use Kochava, just any MMP that TikTok supports.

When you build on EAS pod install is run on the builder instance, you can stay on managed workflow, the only limitation is that you can’t use Expo Go

I’m running into a similar issue with prebuilds - this is probably the same much broader underlying issue is described here `pod install` fails with `use_expo_modules!` · Issue #20707 · expo/expo · GitHub

You can fix for Expo by going from 47.0.12 to 47.0.13.

npm i expo@47.0.13 

As well as changing react-native-gesture-handler to ~2.9.0 from 2.8.0.

You also need to update RNAnimated to 2.14.0.

You can edit these manually in your package.json, then run

npm install

Then you’re able to try building again.

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@ktemby thanks for your reply. I switched to AppsFlyer and it seems to be working so far with the EAS builds. Also yes I already manually updated the version of react-native-gesture-handler and RNAnimated in my package.json to fix the build error. But good to note that here in case others are facing the same issue!

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