Does Expo support @amplitude/react-native after deprecating expo-analytics-amplitude?

Hi, I recently read that expo-analytics-amplitude is deprecated and will be removed in SDK 46 with no replacement since EAS Build supersedes it.

The documentation states that @amplitude/react-native should be used instead, and I have tried testing out the package but I get native errors: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'AmplitudeReactNative.setLibraryName', and I cannot find any relevant documentation on how to set it up for managed expo project if that’s even supported (last year they mentioned it isn’t supported?)

Does anyone know if we can use @amplitude/react-native for managed workflows with EAS Build?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi - You should be able to use @amplitude/react-native with EAS Build.
Are you trying to use the Expo Go client when you are getting the TypeError?
To use a native module like this one, you’ll need to make a “dev client” (which you can do using EAS Build). That’s basically like Expo Go for your own app, that will have the native modules and other configuration that you need.

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