Does expo publish app when you build ?

Every time i do build:android … people can see the changes in the dev app on the store ? can someone tell me how to avoid that

expo build:android --no-publish

I think the default behaviour to publish on build is not very good btw.

i agree! we tried disabling it before and caused tons of confusion from existing users or folks following third party guides… any ideas how we can change it without confusing people who are used to the current behavior?

I appreciate that would be a difficult thing to change.

The main problem is the sheer surprise of the behaviour. This behaviour is never mentioned once in either the output of expo build in the terminal nor the documentation on the web* for the command.


Are you trying to keep it a secret? :wink:

Yes was not really clear that a android build also do a publish on ios, strange behaviour … So i have created different channels to manage this manually.

Actually I notice that in the output of expo build:android it does say that it is publishing; but it doesn’t seem to say it for expo build:ios unless I’m missing something.

i also agree that it’s unfortunate that we publish for both platforms each time you publish. we have plans to resolve this, but for now using release-channels is a good solution

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