Does Expo have reload function aside from Util.reload();?

Hello, I am building a react native apps and there’s a feature where I need to reload the app.

I tried Expo.Util.reload(); but it reload the whole apps and taking way too long, just like this.

I just want something that has the same function with command+R on mac simmulator. Basically, I just want reload function that didn’t take a long wait to load.

Do you perhaps know any similar function to Util.reload();?

Thank you so much.

Hey @hehe,

Expo.Util is deprecated. You should now use the Updates API to reload an experience: but I’m pretty confident it’s the exact same as Util.reload(). We don’t have any other way of reloading as far as I’m aware. Can you elaborate on your use case here?



thank you so much for this info, I changed it to Expo.Updates.reload(); now. I just want to check if the user’s token has expired or not by reloading the apps.

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