Does expo-blur only work with absolute positioning ?

I can get blurview to work with either position: absolute, but not without it if I want the blurview to take entire dimensions of parent (using flex).

So is the blurview supposed to only work with absolute positioning / fixed height-width ?

Hey @saumyanegi, I’m not exactly sure I’m following here. The blurview is meant to be used as an overlay to blur something below it in the view stack which is why absolute positioning is used. Can you run me through what you’re trying to accomplish by not using abs pos?


Hey @adamjnav, I have screens with scrollviews and flatlists, with a floating component on top of them (a set of controls of sorts). I was trying to make this a blurview.
Since my floating component itself is a flex container, I wasn’t sure why I should position the blurview absolute, as I thought it would take the entire parent dimensions.
Also with custom bottom nav bar (tab navigation react navigation v5) - since the positioning of the nav bar is taken care by react navigation, I expected the blurview within to just take the entire available space, and couldn’t reason the need to position it absolute, explicitly.

But I realised that it only works with an abs positioning, and couldn’t find anything related in the docs. So thought to confirm with the experts :slight_smile:

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