Does EAS Build respects app.json "entryPoint" or package.json "main" ? (managed workflow)


According to spec EAS Build supports the managed workflow. However builds with custom entry points (anything other than ./index.js) fail with:

Error: The resource `/build/workingdir/build/index.js` was not found.

In particular I use "main": "src/App.tsx" in package.json, as described by registerRootComponent - Expo Documentation.

Also tried adding "entryPoint": "./src/App.tsx" to app.json with no luck.

Of course adding file ./index.js with require('./src/App.tsx'); works. But I’d like to understand whether this is a known limitation of EAS build.


this is a limitation that we’re working on addressing. the problem is that react-native is tied to index.js as the entry point and does not respect the "main" field – this is done in expo-cli – and we haven’t built the tooling to fix react-native’s default behavior here when we generate the native project during expo prebuild

i’ve added some clarification to our migrating from expo build guide here: [docs] Add index.js clarification to instructions for migrating from … · expo/expo@d5b8486 · GitHub

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