Does EAS build allow android notifications?

I built my app using eas build, and everything works great on ios. I followed the entire FCM setup guide for android, and have the correct google-service.json file, i made sure my api key is unrestricted in the google cloud platform, and i uploaded my server key using expo push:android:upload --api-key , exactly as it says in the guide. However, my app does not ask for notification permissions on android when it gets to the notification permissions step. The same code works on ios, just not android. Again, the issue is it never asks for notification permissions. Has anyone use built an andoid app using EAS build, and if so, does it work correctly with notifications? i have no idea what to check or test or change.

Hey @blyler, can you let me know the relevant version numbers and what device(s) you’ve tested and reproduced this issue on?

EAS builds are absolutely expected to be compatible with notifications.


@adamjnav I am using SDK 44.0.0 and i’ve tested on an Samsung SM-S205DL (Galaxy A20). It’s the only android device I have and i built an app using the classic build system, and it asks for permissions correctly. What other info can I give?

@adamjnav any ideas on what I can check or try? i’ve followed every step from the FCM guide and when i run the app on android, it doesn’t ask for notification permission.