does any one wrote the plugin for android in development client for react native razor pay , it is mandatory for us

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:42.0.1
  2. Platforms(Android):
  3. expo-dev-client: 0.5.1,
    i do not know how to change main, build.gradle and settings.gradle with plugins. it will be great if any one provide solution for it, because in india, razor pay provides more payment options than stripe , so it will be more useful to people in india, I don’t want to eject my app from expo

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Hey @mohanagaiula, you could explore our list of trusted consultants and see if an agreement could be reached but obviously it will come at a monetary cost. But if you were asking for someone to build it for free that likely won’t happen. People’s time should be both valued and respected.


thank u for the response, @adamjnav
actually I don’t know how to edit the, I read the docs about the plugins, but unable to find the editing the, all about the build.gradle, gradle.settings only manifest file actually , what I am question is not conveyed my be properly, can u give some insight on , how to edit the in android

You might try contacting Razorpay to ask them to write a config plugin.

There is no good way to edit in a config plugin at the moment, but here’s a link to an example:

If Charlie’s link breaks in future because of changes to the master branch, here’s a link that references a specific commit:

Thank u @wodin, Couldn't modify - ${e}.** **See the expo-dev-client installation instructions to modify your manually: ${InstallationPage} can I change it manually ?,

Yes, if you eject.

These days, with expo-dev-client and EAS Build this is much easier than it used to be.

What I would probably do is this:

  • Contact Razorpay and ask them to create a config plugin so that people can use Razorpay in Expo without ejecting.
  • While waiting for Razorpay to write the config plugin, eject the app. (Actually, it looks like it should work without a config plugin on iOS. Android will need a config plugin, though.)
  • I think you could “half” eject. i.e. after ejecting, remove the ios directory. So when you build for iOS, it would be basically using the Managed workflow, but when building for Android it would be using the Bare workflow. You’d just need to test this to make sure it works as expected.
  • Build a custom dev client for Android and iOS using EAS Build. This is what your developers will use instead of Expo Go while developing the app. You would generally not need to build a new custom dev client, except if you add new native dependencies or make changes to things in the android directory or make certain changes to app.json.
  • Build standalone apps using EAS Build when you’re ready to submit them to the App/Play store.
  • In future, if Razorpay writes a config plugin, delete your android directory and use the config plugin instead.

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