Does adding support require a new trip through the app store?

I’ve added to my app, following the guide in the documentation. But while the branch link does open the app, no data is being passed through.

I’m kind of in the same boat as everyone else posting about this in that I don’t even know where to begin debugging. One thought I’ve had is that since I’ve already published my app and it’s in the iOS and Android app stores, and branch does require adding an apiKey to app.json, that I’m guessing gets put into the iOS Info.plist. Does adding that key require a new trip through the app store review process? Or should a hot publish work?

Hey @nicholasstephan,

This will require building a new .ipa and submitting to the app store. For the most part, changes in your app.json will require a new build to take effect. We’re working on making this more clear to help avoid confusion.



Thanks @adamjnav.

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