Documentation about features teams in paid plan is not so clear

Thank you expo team for a great product!

I have started a new mobile app project for a company. I am considering the paid services to get the team features. However your documentation of what we would get from the team feature is a bit light. I hope to get some clarification before i ask for the company card.

You state that we can share the app with stakeholders before app review. Does that mean a stakeholder, such as a QA-person would be able to test on IOS? Or would we still have to build and publish through Testflight?

Will there in the team features be ways for stakeholders to get notification and easy installs for different release channels (even though I publish unlisted)?

(Btw: You have a link for a free 1 month trail period. What kept me away for just trying is that i had to get the credit card and also when i start the process it is no longer clear if i have to pay for the first month or not )

Anyone? :slightly_smiling_face:

Try mailing to ask for clarification.

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You won’t pay for the first month, we can try and make that clearer

Yes, people in your team will be able to view your app through the Expo Client, so you can showcase it without a binary. As for receiving notifications after making a new expo publish, you could set that up yourself with a postPublish hook!

Amazing! :raised_hands: Thanks for the clarifications. Have a good day :smile:

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