Do you have any alternative for ImageStore.removeImageForTag()

I have to detach whole Expo pkg from project to have removeImageForTag() to remove image data from ImageStore. I really want to keep the Expo for my project but It seems there is no way I can do without detaching it.

Do you have any method from Expo to deal with ImageStore data?

removeImageForTag() is only working for iOS. :frowning:

Just to be clear, the issue you’re having is, “ImageStore.removeImageForTag() doesn’t work on Android”?


No it doesn’t. RN supports only iOS to removeImageForTag. :frowning: It’s frustrating because there is no way to remove unused images from ImageStore after I get cropped images from getBase64ForTag. I assume the app can be crashed with 10-20 images in the memory on ImageStore.

The image capture is from RN documentation