Do I need to upgrade ExpoSDK along with ExpoKit?

Do I need to upgrade ExpoSDK the same as ExpoKit for an ejected project?

Hi. I have not tried developing with ExpoKit before, but I believe the answer to your question is β€œyes”.

The ExpoKit upgrade documentation says:

When a new version of the Expo SDK comes out, the release notes include upgrade instructions for the normal, JS-only part of your project. Additionally, you’ll need to update the native ExpoKit code.

Note: Please make sure you’ve already updated your JS dependencies before proceeding with the following instructions. Additionally, there may be version-specific breaking changes not covered here.

The release notes (e.g. for SDK 35) have a section on β€œBreaking Changes”, followed by β€œUpgrading Your App” and then β€œUpdating ExpoKit to SDK 35”, so I believe you need to follow all of those instructions for an ExpoKit app.

Of course if you are upgrading from a version before Expo SDK 34, then you should read the β€œBreaking Changes” sections of all of the intermediate release notes too.

The question in the post title seemed to be slightly different to the question in your actual post so if I have misunderstood something, can you please clarify?


Make sense, thank you!

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