Do I need to make a new build after adding expo-* packages?


I successfully submitted my app to the App Store / Play Store on its v1.0.0 version.
After a couple of bug-fixing on the JS code, I also successfully did expo publish and my app got the fixes OTA. :raised_hands:t4:
But now I want to add a couple of features to my app, and I have everything ready in a branch, but I don’t really know if I need to create a new build/release to both stores, or if my app will get the new code OTA just doing expo publish, and this is because I added:


and these packages seems to have native code (but i don’t really know if the wrapper expo client is able to manage those already.

So thats the thing: Do I NEED to create an upload a new build?
And question 2: Is there a golden rule that sets that a new build is mandatory to be created (apart of the already documented changes for app.json).

Thanks in advance.
Ivn Nv.

Hey @ivnnv,

A good rule of thumb is that if you have to make changes to your app.json, you’ll need to create a new binary for the changes to take effect.

In this case, you could add amplitude and webbrowser functionality with an OTA update, but appearance calls for adding userInteferfaceStyle to your ios key in app.json so you’d need to build a new binary for that.


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Thanks for the detailed response @adamjnav!

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