Do I need Redux to Woocommerce App

I have Woocommerce Wordpress Site and I want to create an app with login and sign up form usin Woocommerce API so that user can login and buy what they want so the question is do I need to use Redux and why. Please give me the recommend dependence packages for this app after answering the question if can. Note: if I have to use Redux so in which part of the app should I place and use it.

For Woocommerce I don’t think you have to use redux. You would need to use Redux to maintain the global state of the ‘User’ in store (redux-store), so that when changing routes and accessing user info you won’t be needing an api call to fetch user info again and again.

You need to create a global store on root level of the project, so that all parts of your app can access the store. But this can happen if you’re using react. I hope you got your answer.

And also while using WooCommerce API you must be using core PHP in which redux cannot be used. If you have JS-based structure then you can use redux to maintain the state. Thanks