Distribute multiple app variants to testers

I have created a developments version of the with different package name on android and ios to use alongside with the production app downloaded from store.

I can easily distribute production versions with eas submit but what is the best way to distribute the dev variants to testers? I can’t upload an app with different package name in play store and manually sending an apk does’t seem a very convenient solution either. What’s the best practice in such case?

There is no one best practice, there is multiple workflows you can chose that should be relatively convenient

I can’t upload an app with different package name

why not? just create new app on play store that is just for testing

Other option is to invite your testers to the expo organisation so they can download apks directly from the build page

I had that idea but how would the eas publish work in such case? How can I automate it to publish the production variant where it is now and the test variant in newly created app?