Disconnected from the Metro server. Reload to reconnect

For some time, something is wrong with the metro-bundler/build service, and I’m not able to figure out why I constantly get “Disconnected from the Metro Server. Reload to reconnect” every time I Save a file for changes.

Yesterday, I posted similar question on SO - react native - Disconnected from the Metro server. Reload to reconnect - Stack Overflow.

And I also looked into node_modules/react-native/scripts/react-native-xcode.sh, but I found no reference to XIP in there.

Can someone please help, as this has gotten very annoying to shake device everytime lol.
Thank you!

Below is expo diag:

Expo CLI 3.18.6 environment info:
      OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
      Shell: 3.2.57 - /bin/bash
      Node: 13.9.0 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v13.9.0/bin/node
      Yarn: 1.21.1 - /usr/local/bin/yarn
      npm: 6.13.7 - ~/.nvm/versions/node/v13.9.0/bin/npm
      Watchman: 4.9.0 - /usr/local/bin/watchman
      Android Studio: 3.1 AI-173.4819257
      Xcode: 10.1/10B61 - /usr/bin/xcodebuild
      expo: ^36.0.0 => 36.0.2 
      react: 16.9.0 => 16.9.0 
      react-native: https://github.com/expo/react-native/archive/sdk-36.0.1.tar.gz => 0.61.4 
      expo-cli: 3.18.6

are you using managed workflow or bare?

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managed workflow.

Edit: I couldn’t put more links in my first post, but I looked at these two:
iOS: Connection to development server frequently lost? · Issue #12786 · facebook/react-native · GitHub and Added option to disable xip · facebook/metro@079dcae · GitHub

but I’m not sure it applies, as I couldn’t find XIP anyways.

gotcha. if you’re using managed workflow then react-native-xcode.sh is never actually executed.

what connection type are you using? localhost? lan? tunnel?

Interesting. (I always try to use what you guys have out of the box, because it all just works so well!)

I use LAN. Btw, when using iOS simulator, there’s no problem (if it helps).

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