Disable the shake menu pop up even in production?


Was playing around with the sensors, and wanted to test a “shake to undo” feature. Except even in production the “refresh” and “copy to clipboard” menu pops up.

Is there really no way to programmatically turn this off? Seems like you can’t test the sensor library features without doing this.


i assume you’re referring to expo client when you say production (because there is no menu when you build a standalone app). if so, then what you can do is sign into your account in expo client and change the developer menu gestures from the “options” on the profile screen. disable the “shake device” option. this option isn’t available on android.

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Thanks for the quick reply! Yes sorry, using the expo client app.

That makes sense, was using the android version.

Is there a workaround for the android client?

we don’t have a way to disable the shake gesture on the android client. you can do an apk build and install it in your local emulator or device to test in that case (just run adb install whatever.apk with the device connected or emulator booted once it’s built)

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