Differences between exp build:ios and exp start --lan --ios

Has anyone encountered any differences in exp build:ios and exp start --lan --ios on Expo 27? My development workflow has been the following:

  • first test out using exp start --lan --ios and then use exp send --send-to to test out on an actual IOS device.
  • once a release is verified, push for internal testing using exp build:ios and IOS testflight.

Ever since Expo27, I noticed some strange behavior is happening and it appears that the exp build:ios built is not picking up the new changes that I made (and can see/verify on local server using exp send --send-to )

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

This could be a caching bug; you could try running exp start -c to clear the cache, which I think should clear caches that affect production builds as well.

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